How Leasing Works

1. Choose your vehicle

The first stage of vehicle leasing is obvious. Simply browse through our wide selection of vehicles - including models from such manufacturers as Audi, BMW, Ford, and Volvo - to find the perfect model and trim level to suit you.

2. Agree your terms

Once you’ve found the perfect model, you’ll need to specify your contract and leasing preferences with us. This will include determining the length of contract, the annual mileage term, initial deposit payment, and whether you will require any servicing or maintenance packages. We’ll then process the financing application and check your credit history.

3. Pay your deposit and take your vehicle

Once your credit check has been completed, you’ll simply need to pay the initial lease payment on the vehicle and you’re ready to go. Your brand new car will be delivered to your home address and will be yours to drive as if it were your own. At the end of the agreement, provided you’ve remained within your anticipated mileage and avoided damage or excessive wear and tear, you’ll simply return the vehicle and walk away. All returned cars are checked fairly according to the BRVLA Fair Wear and Tear guidelines, which provide an industry standard for the condition of returned lease cars.

You can learn more about the leasing process by speaking to a member of the team at NetDirector Leasing today. We aim to make getting you behind the wheel of your next car as affordable and effortless as possible, so get in touch now to find out more.