Homepage Banner

Price: from £85.00*

Ensure your most important marketing messages are always front and centre, demanding attention from your visitors. Our homepage banners will engage your audience and steer them straight to your offers landing page, or any page of your choosing.

Price: £85*.

Dedicated landing pages

Drive traffic to dedicated landing pages that showcase your latest incentives to prospective buyers. NetDirector® Auto allows you to have full control over which vehicles are pulled through from your inventory, with a wide choice of criteria including make, model, mileage and date of registration.

These pages also have a positive effect on SEO rankings and can improve the efficiency of your pay-per-click marketing campaigns, when used effectively.

If you would like assistance building these pages, please contact GForces Support for a quote.

Skinny banners

Skinny Banners from only £170.00 static or animated

An animated skinny banner uses slick graphics and lively content to display your messaging and content. See below for a selection of animation examples. Talk to us today about your requirements and the bespoke content we can design for you.
See below a number of examples animation styles. Not limited to how they look as they will be designed to your requirements.

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Google Display Network (GDN) Create ads that are seen in the right place at the right time, through the Google Display Network. Place ads on a variety of news sites, blogs, and other high-performing platforms across the web, targeting audiences most likely to be interested in your products and services. Price: From £500*, plus 20% management fee.
Facebook Marketplace Take your stock to a whole new audience, and reach Facebook users searching for their next vehicle via Marketplace. As an approved listing partner, we use our industry-leading NetDirector® software to upload your stock and create mobile-optimised used vehicle listings for you. It really is that simple and easy. Price: Free* (for clients with an existing NetDirector® Stock or Gubagoo license).
Social media ads Build awareness for your business and guide in-market buyers directly to your website from social media platforms. Utilise the power of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn advertising to create demand and reach a potential audience of millions. Price: From £200*, plus 20% management fee.
Dedicated Landing Page Retailers with integrated CAP New Car Licence can benefit from model-specific new car landing pages that help prospective buyers search your offers and content by make and model. This helps improve your website’s SEO performance, and allows us to optimise the pay-per-click marketing campaigns and activity we recommend for you.

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If you’re interested in any of our solution and services, please talk to us on Live Chat, or contact support@gforces.co.uk to discuss your requirements today.